Android SDK 3.0.1

This software development kit has the tools you need to start developing mobile apps for Android

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    Windows Vista / Windows 2003 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows 10 / Windows 10

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Android SDK 3.0.1
Android SDK 22.6.3

The Android SDK software suite is designed to let users create their own apps for Google's Android mobile OS. This software is entirely free and open for those who develop software, and Google is hoping that by making this software readily available, they will inspire their customers to generate app content for the Android system that others will also want to use. This API has the potential to completely shift the utility of phone software.

Developers who might be interested in creating an app for the Android system should take advantage of the Android SDK, which stands for Software Development Kit. It allows you to play with the Android platform to see what it can do, and it contains every tool you'll need in the process of developing your own apps. When you've completed your apps, you can test them in the device emulator that comes included in the software.

Those who aren't development-minded can still have fun with the emulator since it doesn't take much skill or knowledge to install and launch. Of course, as with most complex pieces of software, the launch time isn't quick. You can even change the resolution and skin of the emulator. Once you've taken the time to look through the operating system, you'll see why everyone makes such a big deal over the software. It has Google Maps integration, which points to the fact that development might eventually discover how to create perfect apps that work for both mobile and PC systems.

Unfortunately, if you want to install any software on the emulator, it will take some advanced skill. You'll need to alter some code, which can be daunting to some users, but there are numerous online tutorials to walk you through the process. With all the online content, you could easily learn how to master the controls, but it's really only worth the effort if you plan to develop a mobile app. Those who are simply curious about the workings of the Android OS or the way apps appear on a device might not be able to enjoy the software since it seems so complex.

Android remains one of the most relevant and popular mobile platforms, and the Android SDK can help you join the growing community of entrepreneurs and general users who want to learn about app development.

This software has seen some significant updates since it was released, and the most recent update adds a number of new features and options. It expands the storage settings for WiFi phases, and the Camera function has a sleek new UI. The SensorManager function received new parameter fields, and the ItemizedOverlay function improves your ability to handle overlays.

There are several new ways to use the AudioManager function to unload and load sound effects, and the command has been given several new classes. Other existing classes have received alterations to their methods and fields.


  • Customizable Device Emulator
  • Complete Developer's Tool Kit


  • Steep Learning Curve

The Android SDK is a development environment and emulator that allows you to build and test apps in Google's mobile phone operating system.

This installation is completely free and is designed as a quick and easy way to begin developing apps. It includes the base code for the operating system, an emulator, API libraries and other tools necessary to start creating new apps.

The emulator, while easy to set up and run, requires a certain amount of programming knowledge to make the most of. Installing and running apps can be a bit tricky and is probably impossible if you do not know code, but it is a good way to get used to the system for developers who are just starting out. Non-developers can also run the emulator and test out apps or experiment with the interface, but keep in mind that it does take time to boot.

As can be expected, the Android system is seamlessly integrated with a number of Google services, such as Google Maps, Google Play and your Google Account settings, and it naturally offers a Google Search function.

There are a number of available packages for SDK, which can all be downloaded directly through the SDK Download Manager, such as SDK Tools, documentation, other libraries, system images for different architectures or platforms for different versions of Android. Each new release of Android SDK has new updates and improvements, so you can use the Download Manager to find versions that are right for your development needs.

Android SDK is licensed as freeware and is available for 32- and 64-bit Windows systems. It has been tested for and runs on Windows XP and later. There is a fair amount of documentation online for those who require technical help.


Quick and easy way to get started with app development for Android


Only useful as a development environment

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